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Paradis des Indiens has a new website!

Fondation Paradis des Indiens” in Abricots, Haiti is a humanitarian organization founded in 1975 by Mrs. Michaelle de Verteuil to combat illiteracy through the implementation of educational programs that not only facilitate learning but also impart real life skills to both children and adults.

The Fondation Paradis des Indiens was created to serve the poorest children of Abricots, a small fishing village in the south of Haiti.  It is a group of schools that includes a main school in the village of Les Abricots and 11 small community schools located in the mountains surrounding the main.  The small schools are located two or three hours  walk from the main school and are located in remote villages of the area.

Today, the school group of Paradis des Indiens counts about 3,000 students and our schools promote girls education and gender equality.   In addition to academics, the students receive training in manual skills, health care, reforestation and agricultural classes. In order to provide remunerative work for the people of the region mostly former students, Paradis des Indiens has established a number of workshops to include arts and crafts, embroidery, woodworking, beekeeping and fruit drying.

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