Mica de Verteuil

Michaelle de Verteuil is a Haitian woman committed to artisanat, historical preservation, jobs creation for women and expansion of education and local development. She has worked in the Commune of Abricots, Grand’Anse since 1975, opening twelve primary schools for underprivileged children with approximately 3000 students. What makes these school special is that in addition to the academic curriculum, manual skill courses are added. Also each school has a school garden.  In order to provide remunerative work for her graduated students, she opened several workshops, producing embroidered cushions, tablecloths with applique work and embroidery, together with many textile articles, such as dresses for adults and children, table sets banners, table runners, etc. Another workshop produces painted ceramic nativity sets packed into coconut shell ajoupas. She also works with groups of women drying fruits (mangoes, pineapples) and vegetables which they turn into flour (pumpkin, breadfruit, taro, sweet potatoes, banana poban, plantain bananas, powdered ginger and cocoa). She has established sales points with boutiques in Port-au-Prince, France and Spain, Canada and Florida.  She maintains a high standard of quality in the textile items that she creates.  Her U-tube piece (noted at the end of this document) shows the highlights of her activities.  The Foundation she created is on land known locally as Habitation Digot (Indigo yard).  She is fluent in French, Creole and English and has received international attention by becoming an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2004 and winning the BBC World Contest in 2005.

Zack BaddorfMica de Verteuil