Primary Health Care

The Foundation provides to all students primary health care to all students, which is fundamental for their well-being.  The school’s infirmary is run by two nurses who are former students of our schools, and who upon graduation, returned to work for the Foundation.  Their work is overseen by a doctor who is himself a former student.  The nurses take care of the first aid emergencies; give medication for childhood diseases, ringworms, sores, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, malaria etc.   Malaria is endemic in the region and students as well as staff are constantly affected.   Since the local dispensary in the village charges a fee, unless a child suffers from a grave disease parents do not take the child to be treated at the dispensary.    Therefore, the school infirmary provides much needed and appreciated consultations.   In addition to providing first aid emergency care, the school nurses also teach Hygiene and Prevention to the students and conduct Health and Prevention seminars for the staff which have lowered the incidence of infections, sexually transmitted diseases and contamination. Preventive Health Education has to be accompanied by efforts to ensure that adults and adolescents are able to protect themselves from the risk of infections.   The Foundation also replenishes medical supplies and equipment for the infirmary.

Zack BaddorfPrimary Health Care