Food Distribution to the Elderly

Friends of Paradis des Indiens also caters to 407 elderly people of Les Abricots. They are divided into 4 groups and twice a month a food distribution is organized for one of the four groups. A special ration card has been issued by the Foundation to each of the elderly people and the card is stamped at each distribution. Each elderly person receives 2 large cans of Rice (10lbs), 1 small can of sugar, 3 small cans of flour, and one liter of cooking oil. Some of the elderly people make the effort to stay in line in the sun and wait for their turn, others are too weak or too tired to come, so they send their children or their grand children to collect the food for them. Thanks to this distribution, the elderly who are often a burden on the food budget of their family find their dignity restored when they bring this food home.

Zack BaddorfFood Distribution to the Elderly