Paradis des Indiens provides education to about 3000 students every year. This is an integral part of our ultimate goal to improve individual well-being in our community. For us Education is the indispensable part to eradicate poverty. Education at all levels – not only primary – is increasingly necessary to provide the labor force with the skills required for employment. Therefore we also promote secondary education by allocating about 30 scholarships to our best students. We encourage those who can, to continue their education all the way to university. We provide access to new information technologies equipment that has become important additional educational challenges. We have installed a Computer Lab in the Science Center building. In addition to developing programs for children of the 12 schools, the Foundation provided supplies, books, vocational training, and scholarships. The Foundation employs about 96 people to include teachers, principals, manual skill monitors, supervisors, maintenance personnel and security guards. The Foundation also provides work for another 200 women who work at home embroidering, drying fruits and vegetables, etc.

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