Agriculture and Reforestation

The Foundation continues to modernize the agricultural programs through the grafting of existing trees and reforestation programs. We have established a vegetable garden in each of the schools. After the earthquake, Paradis des Indiens received many seeds donations and the students have received hands-on instruction and practice at the gardens. The gardening teacher teaches them various planting methods and techniques. A well has been installed in each school which also serves to irrigate the garden. A nursery also has been created. The students regularly visit the garden for weekly instructions. Recently two Banana plantations have been planted to provide food for the school canteens. This was to implement a program of action to increase food production in the area. The ecological system in Haiti is devastated; trees have been cut to make charcoal which remains the main source of energy used for cooking. Students and adults are encouraged to participate in the schools’ reforestation program. They are required to plant a minimum of four trees each twice during the school year.

Zack BaddorfAgriculture and Reforestation