About Abricots

Abricots is a commune of Jérémie in the Grand’Anse Department of Haiti. It has about 35,000 inhabitants. The main village of Abricots is located within several hours walking distance to the remote localities where our smaller schools are located: Balisiers, Bois Panyol, Chainault, Charles, Chretien, Deck, Dejeume, Rannou, Roche Pierre, Saut Balisiers, and Toffié. Currently the populations in Abricots and in these areas are still young, 40 per cent of the population are children under age 15, and 20 per cent are young people aged 15 to 24. The number of children and young people in the region (as it is all over Haiti) is very high.

Zack BaddorfAbout Abricots